Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life is wonderful. Some days it is and sometimes it is not. Have you ever started an exercise program and then promised yourself you were really going to do it this time? Join the club! I can't tell you how many times this has been the straight path to health and salvation I swore to abide by. Well some days it is fun and some days it is hard. The treadmill seems to laugh at me as I walk past its stoic frame. This device has had the very best of my and the very worst of me. I still think someone should design a beeper system to sound the alarm you are going to fall off the back end. Sometimes the simple lull of the mechanism puts my mind on hold and I truly forget how fast I must walk and then it happens. Plunck - my feet hit the edge and I am jolted back to realty. The reality is I must concentrate on finishing this 20 minutes of work out and fun. Hah! Some days 20 minutes goes by as quickly as a speeding bullet and other days it seems to last forever. At 40 something I am trying to get in shape but there are days and there are sweets that do not want to cooperate with me. My young teeangae daughter persuaded my husband to purchase our Proform Treadmill and swore she would use it. Well, we all know the attention span of a teenager. Needless to say, I felt we had to get our money out of this contraption and therefore just because I am too frugal to let something go to waste, I climbed on board. The first day was pure torture. I couldn't believe someone could go over 4 miles an hour on this thing! Two miles an hour was way too fast for me. That was then, this is now. Now I am going 4 miles an hour and keeping on the motorized track until the magical 20 minutes is up. My father is my inspiration, he has had numerous strokes and he has Parkinson's Disease. His doctor told him he survived his strokes because he exercised. My father liked to walk and now I think of him when I walk, and when I want to jump off the treadmill I don't. You just have to keep going.
Check out my beauty of a treadmill at http://www.proform.com/. I have the simple model for the simple workout. Enjoy or swear or do both at the same time.

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